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At Executive Solutions Institute, you can achieve the peak performance and the competitive edge that Leaders need to ensure they are able to gain and sustain being at the Top of Their Game personally and professionally:


  • Transform from the boss to a Connected Leader
  • Be the respected force and model that people want to follow
  • Be the legacy of superior impact you were born to make
  • Support a superior thriving company culture
  • Raise the bar in communication with the Board and other upper management

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• Customized Effective Scientific Methodologies

Rewiring Your Brain/Patterns for Greater Personal and Business Success

Inner Development and Team Development

since 1985

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“Clarity and awareness are key traits of visionary leaders.  Early adapters are consistently the most successful.”  – Jane Ann Beaudry

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Robert Petty

"I like your quiet and unemotional approach to helping me emphasize my strategy of thoughts and ideas on compassion, understanding, helping without controlling, being positive (starting with myself), and trust have translated into greater success, plus a much less stressful and happier life for me and those around me."

Mark W.

"I do my homework now and people see me as the "caring expert" they are looking for to lead them. I can't thank you enough, Jane Ann, for reminding me that there is plenty of money out there and people want to spend it. You helped change my life and my future in so many ways!"

Sherry F

"Through working with Jane Ann Beaudry, I was able to not only recover from the close in proximity loss of several family members. My life would not be the same without the expert, skilled, compassionate and insightful assistance that Jane Ann and her work provides."

Rhonda Duffy

"Reconnecting to yourself can solve many of your current problems and reconnecting to yourself happens best when you are in the hands of a professional who knows how to lead you back to yourself. Jane Ann is just that professional."

Michael K.

I had finally reached my goal of being hired to be President of a major university when I just couldn't stand the pressure of feeling the massive panic every time I had to speak before a crowd of people. Within a three month period, I am so happy and relieved to say that I got past all that. Now I feel really confident and more competent to get the job I was hired to do done!

N. McGhrath

"It was the most important meeting of my life. I was going before the entire state legislature to present the case for our agency funding. I never thought I could do it, but I was a huge success and got my points across! Working with you, Jane Ann, did more for me than help me overcome my fear of public speaking. My confidence has increased in all respects."